The Golden North Laura Fair

Applications for the 2024 Laura Fair opened on the 1st September and remain open until the end of March.

Select the tab below for the application you require.

Applications for The Golden North Laura Fair 2024, to be held on April 13th and 14th, are now open.

This year we will be taking applications via an online process rather than using paper forms. This will simplify the process for us as we will not need to transcribe data from the forms. It will also reduce errors which inevitably occur when transcription occurs.

We have already added some basic details from last year. In future years you will only need to check and confirm details when applying. This will reduce the effort required for you to apply and help ensure we have accurate information.

We intend to promote stalls more this year via our website, Instagram and Facebook presence. To do this we are requesting that you provide us with a marketing description of you stall and products (up to 150 words). Also links to your social media presence. We encourage you to take this opportunity to promote your stall ahead of The Fair.

As the online application process is new we ask you to bear with us through any teething issues. If you have any difficulty with the process please call or email the secretary (details below).

Prior to commencing the application process there are some short help guides you can review to gain an understanding of the process and the information you need to provide:

To start the application process go to:

Expressions of interest can be sent to the secretary. Ideally provide contact details and links to YouTube, Spotify or other content by email.

Busking Application Procedure

The Laura Fair provides the opportunity for eight (8) only Buskers, being either an individual or a group promoting their art/skill.

  1. Download Busking Application form from the Northern Areas Council website.
  2. Complete the form.
  3. Forward the form along with a copy of your public liability insurance certificate of currency to the council using the contact details on the form.
  4. Council will assess and approve (or deny) the applicaion.
  5. Once approved Council will sent you an invoice for the permit fees.
  6. A Busking Permit will be forwarded by the council either by email or post.
  7. Bring the busking Permit, and a copy of your public liability insurance certificate of currency, to the fair. You will need to present these to the fair committee at fair administration stall (stall 90) before performing.

To enter an item in the art exhibition download the entry form.